Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trek

The salkantay trek has been rated by national geographic as one of the best 25 treks in the world. »

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Salkantay TrekSalkantay Trek is our passion – which we would like to share with you. We highly recommend this hike to Machu Picchu as a wonderful way to get off the beaten track and experience in the Andes.
Check and find all the information you need to organize your trek to Machu Picchu, we are specialists in Salkantay Trek.

Salkantay Trekking, is a Reputable and Professional trekking company based in Cusco. We are the unique company who are 100% specialists just in Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu.
We concentrate our efforts on operating just the Salkantay hike, we don’t offer a lot, but what we do offer we do it well and by giving our guides, cooks and horsemen consistent work all year round we are able to keep an experienced team together and therefore attract some of the best staff available.
Salkantay Trekking, since 2008, offers creative and innovative ideas to allow the maximum enjoyment of the richness of our country, providing an agile, personalized and efficient service, with the backing of professionals of vast experience in the field of tourism.
Our achievements have been made possible thanks to the extraordinary support of our personnel, a well assembled team of permanently trained professionals, identified with our company goals and clients’ preferences.

Our tours are led by knowledgeable professional guides who will help you explore Salkantay Mountain.
The top-quality professional preparation of our personnel (guides and counters), besides the high quality standards in choosing our providers, have always guaranteed customes satisfaction. The result of this is an incredible level of teamwork, communication, understanding and support – a unique factor that makes our offering of a Once-In-A-Lifetime Salkantay Trekking the envy of all our peers, we know that every detail is important, and for this reason make our best….

Salkantay Trek Packages

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When there are no permits left for the Inca Trail, The Salkantay Trek becomes the best choice. The amazing Salkantay trek to Machupicchu is one of the famous treks in Cusco and the best alternative route to get to Machupicchu. When there are no permits left for the Inca Trail, The Salkantay Trek becomes the best choice. The amazing Salkantay trek to Machupicchu is one of the famous treks in Cusco and the best alternative route to get to Machupicchu....
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Is a trek that takes you through diverse landscapes and altitudes as we trek around the skirts of Mount Salkantay(6271m/20,568ft) and camp within clear sight of the snow capped peak. This path is well-known as the Salkantay Trek. After the Inca Trail, the Salkantay Trek is the most beautiful and popular one. Indeed, the magazine National Geographic Adventure rated the Salkantay Trek as one of the best 25 treks all over the world.
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Cusco covers a total area of 70,015.30 Km2. In this beautiful land, it is possible to find colorful Andean valleys, snowy peaks, rivers, waterfalls, the beautiful Andean jungle, Inca and pre-Inca sites, and several Andean communities. These Andean communities are connected by thousands of paths. Some of these paths have been used before the Spaniards arrived to Peru. One of these paths is the one connecting the Andean valley of Mollepata with the Santa Teresa town located in the Andean Jungle.


salkantay honeymoon


This is our new and luxury package, we are the unique company who has experience on this type of tours(Honeymoon in Salkantay) on this trek you will enjoy incredible views of snow-capped peaks of the Vilcabamba Range. Next you will spend five days trekking to Machu Picchu, where you can meet the local community and take in Llactapata pass where you can experience distant views of Machu Picchu from the southwest.
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This option is clearly the most popular as it allows you to have plenty of time Machupicchu and most importantly early in the morning to first encounter Machu Picchu as the sun rises over the high mountains encircling it.
We highly recommend this Machu Picchu 2 Day Tour, so you can discover this marvelous and magycal sanctuary
Machu Picchu Tour Full Day
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If you don't have too much time, we recommend you take this tour, 4 hours train ride approx into this spectacular land of the Incas, amazing views of valleys, Inca farming terraces, snow capped mountains, and sub-tropical jungle near the low Jungle. You will be into the fantastic history to this magic place, sacred and mysterious town without name known as Machu Picchu...

Why Choose Us!

We are a specialist adventure tour operator with hundreds of high quality, affordable and exciting adventures to Machu Picchu by Salkantay.

There are at least ten good reasons to travel with us:

1. Unique trekking Routes: Salkantay Trekking specializes in unique, off the beaten track options that most other trek and tour operators do not!
2. Personalised attention: Salkantay Trekking are a small, family owned business that provides personalized attention from beginning to the end of your trek or tour.
3. Trekkers Wanted: we provide the innovative free listing called Trekkers Wanted, which was the kind of thing we liked to see when we were back packing around the world.
4. Operate 100% of treks: Other agents claiming daily departures operate their treks jointly with other companies in service rotation. Hence, you book a departure with tour operator A with the risk that it will actually be operated by tour operator B without you knowing. Even if we only have a single traveler for a set departure date, this will be operated by us.
5. Our staff: are extremely well travelled and passionate about offering you great service.
6. Our holidays are Environmentally, Sustainable & Responsible Tourism.
7. Great guides: We carefully match the best guides with each trek and group, another reason why we ask you to book as early as you can. Salkantay Trekking guides are highly trained.
8. Delicious meals: Our meals and cooks regularly receive rave reviews from our clients! Salkantay Trekking meals include generous and delicious breakfasts, snacks, lunches, tea services and dinners that we can adapt to your specific requests.
9. Recent equipment: We purchase new equipment every year in a 2 -3 year rotation and are constantly seeking out the most comfortable (yet affordable) brands to use.
10. Departures every day: Salkantay Trekking focus on unique experiences... with this ethos of quality not quantity we do not have big, cheap groups departing frequently. We will depart any day for clearly advertised prices listed on our website.

•We are committed to departing with 02 of you on our Tours we will never pass you onto another operator!
•We depart even if you are 02 people.
•We are the sole operators of all our tours!

It’s hard to believe that it’s our 7th blogging anniversary!
Salkantay Trekking is the Tour Operator Company which has been established in Cusco since 2008 by Edgar Catunta,(founder and Manager) an experienced mountaineer and expedition leader who has guided in the Salkantay since 2000, Salkantay Trekking provides superior and unmatched expedition leadership, logistics and support for its clients.
Since inception Salkantay Trekking has strived to help hundreds of clients to achieve their expedition ambitions, and is proud to have the highest success rates of any commercial climbing expedition in the Salkantay.


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We are a 100% Local Tour Operator based in Cusco. Salkantay Trekking is a professional agency licensed trek & tour operator. Salkantay Trekking is an adventure trekking specialist that offers unique experiences to little known wilderness places All of our itineries are perfectly designed based on our extensive local knowledge of the areas involved, and our combined practical experience within the Salkantay. With over a decade of experience in adventure tourism, all our team members are passionate, well trained, knowledgeable, friendly and committed to providing the highest quality service to all of our customers. we can offer unbeatable prices with no compromise on quality


Salkantay Trekking Staff

Salkantay Trekking is run as a professional tour operator with experienced office staff and guides. We take pride in looking after our team and pay our trekking staff such as cooks and porters well above average wages All the guides we use are certified and issued licenses by the Cuzco Tour Guides Association and our guides are trained every year. We don't employ unlicensed or unaccredited guides and staff. All our lead guides are exceptional individuals and trained professionals with many years of experience. All have traveled the world extensively and are some of the leading professionals in their fields. They have been there and know; routes, customs, languages, conditions, options, weather and first aid. We lead all our own trips; we do not contract with local agents to lead our trips...

Our Guides

Salkantay Trekking guides are dedicated professionals. The process of becoming a fully certified Mountain Guide is arduous. All our guides have a lot of experience guiding in the Salkantay. They are all certified from local authorities and many of them also certified trekking instructors and climbing instructors. We are very proud to have these professionals working for us, as they rated among the best Professional - Mountain guides in Cusco - Peru.

Our Cooks

Salkantay Trekking cooks are experts in their field and have many years cooking experince in high alitudes and mountainous conditions. Our local cooks are always trained in hygiene and the preparation of new dishes and will surprise you with the most delicious meals in remote campsites.

Our Horseman

Our Quechua Wranglers and Porters are in charge of all our gear and will always await us with safe and comfortable camp sites. Salkantay Trekking horsmen and horses are hired from the areas where the trekking route goes and therefore have extensive knowlege of the area. Besides trekking and camping gear every horses takes 40-45 kg of guest's belongings. As a rule horsmen and horses trek a lot faster so pass on them only those things you will not need till the end of the day when we gather together in the camp.

Our Transportations

All the buses, vans and cars used in our services are fully reliable and comply with Peruvian safety and insurance regulations.


This website is intended to provide you with useful information about Perú and its destinations, routes, attractions, accommodations and more. We are always ready to help you choose the best itinerary to fit your personal travel style. We are multilingual specialists in making your trip an exciting experience.


Experts on the wildlife

During the last years we carry on several techniques to growing up on the tourism business, our experiences and knowledgeable make safety fun!!! Choose the best ones

Experienced Team

Your experience and happiness is our number one priority. Through a unique combination of local expertise and global service levels, we are able to provide our clients with something no one else can — the greatest memories.

Tailored Vacation

We believe that every one of our clients should be treated uniquely. Like a bespoke suit, we can tailor a vacation that will fit you perfectly. You probably don’t go away on a vacation every week, so why not do it right?Get out of home to feel the adventure

Happiness Guaranteed

We are so confident in our service, we are willing to guarantee it. Our customer led philosophy means that we are never more than a phone call away and will do everything we can to resolve any issue to your complete satisfaction.


Cleaning Campaign - Salkantay Trek
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Cleaning Campaign - Salkantay Trek

Just after the high season of trekking , our company organize Cleaning Campaign of Salkantay route. A team of 36 persons who works in Salkantay Trekking Company(General Manager, Manager, Guides, Cooks, Horsemen, Drivers, Transfer, Office Staff and Assitants Cooks) returned to Cusco with 19 sacks of garbage collected from Soraypampa to Chaullay.
On the very first day, the team encountered chemical waste along the Sorypampa Campsite. “The purpose wasn’t only to clean the trekking route but also to make local people aware of the adverse affects of the trash...
PROJETC: Help us, to help
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PROJETC: Help us, to help

Ever since Salkantay Trekking was first established we have been helping to spread some of the benefits brought by tourism to local communities by donating school equipment to village schools and ensuring that it is properly used. A large percentage of the profits made by Salkantay Trekking go towards such community projects...

Tripadvisor Testimonials


  • trip2“Salkantay Trekking put together an INCREDIBLE Peruvian experience!” My wife and I, both experienced travellers and hikers feel that our trip with Salkantay Trekking on our 5 day trip to Machu Picchu was one of the most increible experiences of our lives.Edgar and our guide Hector both worked tirelessly to be sure every detail was completely worked out. From the pick up at the airport, to the hotel accomodations, tours, food, camps, and the visit to Machu Picchu, our trip was completely taken care of. Modifications to meet our needs were easily and effortlessly handled. Each day, we were briefed on options and what was in store...Read More>>
    Janet F // Johannesburg, South Africa
  • reviews-trip2“Great trekking experience in Peru with” My friends and I (6 people) went trekking to Machu Picchu by Salkantay for 5 days. The trek was GREAT! Beautiful views, snowy mountains, waterfall, semi tropical weather and green fields. The crew (Horses, Cook and our Guide- Hector) were absolutely wonderful, made our trek a memorable one Our guide Hector was excellent, great knowledge of quechua culture, enviroment and Machu Picchu. he was very funny and attentive. Food: our cook Jaime(quchiwato) made a delicious food plenty to eat. If you want the best trek. They are your ONLY choice .... %100 Peruvian Company...Read More>>
    Jazfrenteh // Republican City, Nebraska
  • trip“A totally awesome experience with" It was my first trip in Peru and it was very well planned by staff of Salkantay Trekking, we had an amazing hospitality and making sure we had the best experience possible in Peru our hike was a priceless experience, but for what we paid the value for money was incredible - we met many other groups along the trek who paid a lot more and received much less! If someone is interested in a have a great experience with a professional organization to an appropriate price, Salkantay Trekking is recommendable without any doubt!...Read More>>
    Hurtwask // Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

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